Heather Pynne Lighting Design


Heather Pynne recently graduated from Middlebury College with her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Dance with a focus in lighting design. A woman of many trades, she is currently making her presence known in and around Atlanta, GA.
She began her work in the arts when she was only five as a dancer with Jeanne Castor at DanceCenter in Greenville, SC. By high school, she found herself transitioning from dancing to acting at the South Carolina Children's Theatre (SCCT) and The Fine Arts Center in Greenville, SC. Searching for a well-rounded education and striving to fulfill one of her father's many mottoes (in this case, "Tote and Carry"), she began to work backstage at SCCT. Upon beginning her career at Middlebury College, she saw a need for student lighting designers and jumped to fill it. She also began to work backstage for the dance department. Throughout her four years at Middlebury College, she designed, acted, danced, choreographed and even dabbled in film and website design. Her most challenging lighting design, Jekyll, was designed to be as beautiful on-stage as on-screen.
During her final semester at Middlebury, she found her place in the arts world by pushing at the boundaries between dance and theatre, majoring in both, and completing her senior work designing fellow dance majors' (Alena Giesche, Cat Miller and Christian Morel) senior choreographic works. The evening of work, synergy, challenged her by allowing a mix of natural theatricality and highly crafted dancer sensibilities to create six fascinating and drastically different worlds from a single repertory plot.
Since graduating, Heather has worked as a technician at the American Dance Festival in Durham, NC, has lent her assistance to inoutput, a startup company in Paris, has filled in for her former boss at Middlebury College, and has finally settled down in the Atlanta area to pursue lighting design and electrics. Her primary goal in Atlanta is to continue being artistically stimulated and to determine which path to follow in the coming years.
She still occasionally takes a stroll (or a dance) across stage, and has a weakness for a good cup of coffee and a southern summer.

Photography by Alan Kimara Dixon

Heather Pynne •  Phone: (864) 630-9836 •  Email: hpynne@heatherpynne.com