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and in the end we laugh

Co-Choreographed by Alena Giesche and Jeremy Cline
Mahaney Center for the Arts Dance Theatre, Middlebury College
Photography by Heather Pynne 

and in the end we laugh may have been the most beautiful piece in its simplicity of design. This duet, collaboratively choreographed by Jeremy Cline and Alena Giesche, broke down into two sections. The first segment radiates the eternal space. Cline and Giesche float in a world suspended. The second, earthier segment is filled with passion and hard-hitting interactions. They might be lovers sparring in the tiniest, hottest apartment.

WeLaugh/ADuet01.JPG WeLaugh/ADuet07.JPG WeLaugh/ADuet08.JPG WeLaugh/ADuet10.JPG
WeLaugh/ADuet13.JPG WeLaugh/ADuet14.JPG WeLaugh/ADuet15.JPG WeLaugh/ADuet16.JPG
WeLaugh/ADuet19.JPG WeLaugh/ADuet20.JPG WeLaugh/ADuet28.JPG WeLaugh/ADuet29.JPG
WeLaugh/ADuet31.JPG WeLaugh/ADuet33.JPG

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