Heather Pynne Lighting Design

Eros: A Terpsicorean Symposium

Choreographed by Christian Morel
Mahaney Center for the Arts Dance Theatre, Middlebury College
Photography by Heather Pynne 

Eros: A Terpsicorean Symposium, choreographed by Christian Morel, is a dancer's interpretation of Plato's Symposium. Morel explores the concept of love in solos, duos, and trios. His choice of costuming brings in the theme of the wilderness. Combined with a textured edge of light that sent the dancers in and out of shadow, the design creates a mythical world where Morel's exploration can flourish.

Eros/Eros04.JPG Eros/Eros07.JPG Eros/Eros09.JPG Eros/Eros11.JPG
Eros/Eros13.JPG Eros/Eros14.JPG Eros/Eros16.JPG Eros/Eros17.JPG
Eros/Eros19.JPG Eros/Eros26.JPG Eros/Eros29.JPG Eros/Eros33.JPG
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