Heather Pynne Lighting Design

I view you

Choreographed by Alena Giesche
Mahaney Center for the Arts Dance Theatre, Middlebury College
Photography by Heather Pynne 

Alena Giesche took up the challenge of interpreting the way other people see and are seen in her quartet, I View You. The clever use of projected clothing allowed the dancers to step from one role into another. The use of text, bright clothing and bold movement created a world reminiscent of harvest festivals of old, where everyway roles and stations were malleable. The lighting design reflected these bright, yet eerie times.

IViewYou/View03.JPG IViewYou/View04.JPG IViewYou/View09.JPG IViewYou/View11.JPG
IViewYou/View16.JPG IViewYou/View19.JPG IViewYou/View20.JPG IViewYou/View24.JPG
IViewYou/View26.JPG IViewYou/View28.JPG IViewYou/View31.JPG IViewYou/View32.JPG

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