Heather Pynne Lighting Design

Cluttered 'Ships

Choreographed by Catherine Miller
Mahaney Center for the Arts Dance Theatre, Middlebury College
Photography by Heather Pynne 

Choreographed by Catherine Miller, Cluttered 'Ships explores the interaction between four people in various groupings. An overarching theme in this piece is the contrast between a dirty, edgy city alley and a soft, calming seascape.

ClutteredShips/Ships02.JPG ClutteredShips/Ships03.JPG ClutteredShips/Ships05.JPG ClutteredShips/Ships07.JPG
ClutteredShips/Ships10.JPG ClutteredShips/Ships12.JPG ClutteredShips/Ships14.JPG ClutteredShips/Ships17.JPG
ClutteredShips/Ships22.JPG ClutteredShips/Ships24.JPG ClutteredShips/Ships25.JPG ClutteredShips/Ships26.JPG

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