Heather Pynne Lighting Design

Jekyll: A Screenplay for the Stage

Adapted and Directed by Ross Bell
Set Design by Ryan Bates
Costume Design by Carlie Crawford 
Photos Courtesy of Ross Bell 
Venue -  Seeler Studio Theatre, Middlebury College

Jekyll was the senior thesis of Ross Bell, a theatre and film major at Middlebury College. Jekyll was adapted from Robert Louis Stevenson's novella "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde." Bell wrote the script to be filmed and attended by a conventional stage audience simultaneously. The set, sound, and costumes were designed in the steampunk style. Emphasis was placed on an aesthetically pleasing film, which led to brighter lights to be picked up by the cameras, broader looks to provide an all encompassing visibility, and as many angles as possible to eliminate shadows on the face without casting shadows from hanging cameras, walls, or projectors.

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